finally trying to make some things on bitsy again. i threw together an extremely simple three-room thing yesterday called Go Out For A Walk And Stop For A Drink In A Cafe Simulator. it is exactly what the title says, and it is all i want right now. i'd like to add some music/sound effects before i put it on, but it's pretty much done for now.

& now i'm trying to make a cute little snomance (snake romance) game, for someone on fedi who requested one SOME TIME AGO and i have not been feeling brain-alive enough to do it until this weekend. but it's going to be cute and have little sleepy hibernating sneks.

yesterday evening i was so tired of being at home that i sat in my yard drinking wine and listening to seaside background sounds pretending I was at a pub on the Yorkshire coast, or a beer garden in Brighton. it was surprisingly comforting, but yeah, quarantine's getting to me. always worse when the kid's not home; when i'm in toddler-parent mode i'm too tired to think about being bored or lonely.