(content warning: animal death, described slightly graphically)

ugh, fuck, it's been forever since writing a thing here and since then... well, the world is on fire in a possibly good way, and everyone in the uk seems to have forgotten about covid-19 except me, who is still shielding bc I live with an immunocompromised person.

my pet lizard died about a month ago now. it was fucked up. she was absolutely fine, and then i came downstairs to find her lying in a pool of blood, not moving. i still don't really know what happened, but i suspect she had tried and failed to lay eggs, poor baby. i am absolutely fucking devastated that this happened and that i didn't catch the signs and take her to a vet. she seemed absolutely fine, she was a little off her food one day and then – that.

because the kid loves lizards, and because the idea of a lizard-less household sucked, we decided to get a new one. not like we immediately ran down to the pet shop, but i kept an eye out for any nearby lizards needing homes and... then there was one, and now we have a lizard boi. he is a little shyer and more skittish than niki was, but he's a sweetheart.

still, tho. i miss my sweet three-legged wonky-tailed girl and i am so goddamn crushed that i didn't see whatever was going wrong until it was too late.