But the main thing I wanted to write about – I mean, this was originally a blog about games and stuff, right? – is that today I stumbled across a list of tabletop rpgs and other storytelling games which are designed for a single player. You're both the GM and the only player, and you don't need anyone else to play. Which is so great because I've been really missing d&d but my group have been struggling with being able to actually play lately and I miss that experience of forgetting about this world and hanging out in another one for a while.

and holy shit some of these games are so cool? i had no idea there was an entire community around this and so many people making them. some of them are d&d-like and some are miles from that concept and revolve around horror-movie tropes, or tiny moments in everyday life that tell a story, or the concept of turning into a sparrow. this is so fucking cool, and... well, i wish i wasn't too brainfogged to follow half of them, but the 200 word RPG challenge is a pretty cool source of simple games that don't require too much reading or adding up numbers or figuring out what moves mean.

& so many of them have queer themes and are by queer authors and it's just. so good to see stories and games like that out there. have i mentioned that i love every single queer person who makes tiny weird games, of whatever sort, lately?

I am going to go play a bunch of these and see what kind of stories I can make.